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Hit Me Up, Buttercup

Title: Hit Me Up, Buttercup
Author eoryndal
Rating: nc-17
Pairing: Baekhyun/Kai
Warnings: knotting, collars, mirrors, barebacking (don't do it irl, kids, it's not safe), alpha pheromones as aphrodisiacs
Summary: Omega Kai doesn't care all that much for alphas but Baekhyun who's funny and cute as a button, and also an alpha, might just be the exception.
A/N: In this universe you have alpha-/beta-/omegaphile on top of all the other sexual orientations we know, as if they aren't already complex enough.

“Wait, please! Don't close yet,” someone called just as Kai pulled his key from the last safety lock of the service station door. He looked up to see a car turning into the forecourt of the gas station, the driver waving one arm frantically out of his open window. “I really, really need a refill. I'm already running on empty, I won't make it to the next gas station.”

“I'm sorry, we close at 2 a.m. sharp,” Kai said and sauntered over to where the car pulled to a stop, mostly because he wanted to get a closer look at the car, a baby blue Lamborghini. It was such a nice car. Probably the most expensive one he'd seen in his one and a half years of jobbing at this gas station. He placed a hand on the sleek hood surreptitiously as he leaned over to talk to the driver. “But if you have a credit card, you can use the pay-at-the-pump service, it works all night.”

“Okay, great. I have one,” the driver said and fumbled for the button under the dashboard that popped the fuel cap open. “Fill it up, please.”

Kai chuckled. “Sorry, self-service. I got off work-” He checked his wristwatch. “- two minutes ago and need to catch my bus because the next one is at 4:15.”

“Aw, how can someone so cute be so cold?” The driver complained but Kai could tell he wasn't really angry. He got out of his car and stepped around it to take the gas pump from the dispenser and fill his tank himself. And wow he was cute. He was young and smaller than Kai, the lines of his face all simple but pretty, his smooth brown hair shining really softly even under the stark white neon lights, and dainty fingers that managed to look elegant even holding a gas pump. Kai couldn't help letting his awed gaze wander over the surprisingly broad shoulders clad in a white graphic t-shirt down to the man's curvy hips and plush thighs hugged by tight black ripped jeans.

“You're cuter,” escaped Kai's lips before he could shove the words back down. Yeah, he was really on top of his flirting game tonight. Embarrassment made his cheeks flame up.

The guy looked up at him with a cheeky smile and swung his hips jokingly. Kai really didn't mean to stare but the movement drew his eyes to the perky, little butt like a magnet. The wish to sleep with his head pillowed on it flitted through his mind and only made him blush harder.

Ever since high-school when he'd had a painfully obvious puppy-love crush on his student mentor, Kai knew that those innocent-looking but effortlessly teasing omegas would be the end of him one day. If the guy really was an omega Kai didn't know for sure, since he was one of the rare people who lacked the ability to distinguish ranks by smell, but his demeanour was pretty obvious. Way more obvious than Kai who usually got mistaken for a tall, broody beta or even an alpha before people got close enough to scent him. That was perfectly okay with him because it meant less alphas hitting on him. He didn't like them anyways, he liked cute, soft things like toy poodles and afternoon naps and small omegas like this guy. He was just so cute.

“Hey,” the guy's voice pulled him out of his thoughts, “not that I'm not flattered but if you keep staring at my fantastic ass, you're gonna miss your bus.”

“Oh, r- right,” Kai scrambled to pull himself together.

“Or you could wait a minute and I'll give you a lift to your bus stop,” the guy said just as the lever of the gas pump clicked, indicating that the tank was full. He shook the last drops from the nozzle and put the pump back to dig through his pockets for his credit card. “What's your name?” he asked as he paid for the gas, and in exchange for Kai's name he introduced himself as Baekhyun.

“Okay, hop in,” Baekhyun said and even opened the door for Kai, then got in the diver's seat and started the car. The feeling of a powerful Lamborghini motor coming to life under you was really something else, Kai thought.

“Your car is pretty cool,” he said and trailed his fingertips over the smooth leather seats.

Baekhyun laughed. “Honestly, my family just inherited a bunch of money. But I also work hard in my father's company, so it's not like I simply laze around and pick up cute omegas in my flashy car every night. Where's your bus stop?”

“Turn left here and follow the road.”

Baekhyun put the gearshift into drive and instead of putting his hand on the steering wheel afterwards, he placed it lightly on Kai's thigh, tapered fingertips squeezing just a bit, making tingles burst in Kai's stomach like sparks. If it hadn't been obvious before that Baekhyun was hitting on him, now it was, without a doubt.

“It's nice that you're an omegaphile, too,” Kai said, feeling all fluttery and a bit woozy in the brain like he'd been holding his breath for over a minute. Baekhyun's nails were scratching on the inner seam of Kai's jeans and he was telling himself he wasn't entertaining the idea of closing his eyes, sliding down in his seat and spreading his legs so far that Baekhyun's hand would inevitably be touching his crotch.

Baekhyun laughed lightly. “What do you mean. Of course I am. Like most alphas, except I'm gay.”

“Yeah, but alphas- Wait, you're telling me you're an alpha?!”

Now Baekhyun was laughing so hard that his hand on Kai's knee was shaking. “I know I still have room to grow a bit taller but, come on, you can't tell me you didn't scent my rank. I was laying it on pretty thick when I was flirting with you.”

“Oh,” Kai said, suddenly finding himself pouting a bit. He could have sworn Baekhyun was an omega. Was he just pulling his leg? Sometimes it really sucked to be unable to tell for certain. “Actually, I have hyp- hyposmia.” Kai stumbled a bit over the complicated term for his condition. “It means I can't smell people. Oh, look, up ahead at the end of this road you have to turn left again and the bus stop is right there.”

Baekhyun nodded, going slower to not miss the intersection Kai had pointed out. “So you really can't smell? Are you disappointed I'm an alpha? Does it mean I'm out?” He took his hand away from Kai's leg.

“I can smell all kinds of things, like the gas at the station, the noodles I had for dinner, the grass outside, just not people's ranks and moods and all that stuff. Sorry for getting your rank totally wrong.” He threw Baekhyun a careful glance to gauge his reaction.

“Nah, it's fine. I am pretty cute, right?” Baekhyun grinned brightly and threw him an exaggerated wink with his hand pressed in a cutie v-sign next to his face, making Kai laugh.

They turned around the corner and came to a sudden halt behind big, red tail lights.

“Fuck, my bus! Thanks for the ride!” Kai exclaimed hastily, opened his seat-belt, and stormed out of the car, waving his arms in hopes that the bus driver would notice him. But he'd already thrown on the turn signal and was driving away from the curb, disappearing in the distance. Kai shouted some choice expletives after it.

Baekhyun's baby blue Lamborghini rolled up next to him and Baekhyun leaned over to push the door on the passenger's side open. “Hey, pretty, need a ride?”

Kai plopped down on the seat, arms crossed in front of his chest, glaring out the windshield at the road ahead where the bus had disappeared. “That was so mean. He totally saw me.”

Baekhyun nodded earnestly. “But! Now you've got your own personal driver. So tell me, your place or mine?” He wiggled his eyebrows exaggeratedly, drawing a huff of laughter from Kai, even though he was still mad and punched Baekhyun in the arm for it. He didn't want to laugh, he wanted to stew in his frustration.

“Seriously, though,” Baekhyun said, “I know you said you're an omegaphile and I'm an alpha, so if you don't wanna, I'll just drop you off at home, no hard feelings, but if you're down for it, you could spend the night with me.”

Kai almost chocked on his spit. It was the most direct way he'd ever been propositioned, not that it happened often in the first place, considering he spent most of his days studying in the library of his college and half of his nights working at the gas station to earn money for the tuition fee. Now he was basically being invited to have sex, with an alpha no less. Although Baekhyun wasn't so bad. Quite... agreeable even.

“Well, I still think you're kidding me,” Kai blurted out with a nervous laugh to stall for time.

“Ohoho, would seeing my knot convince you otherwise?” Baekhyun spoke with his upper lip pulled down over his teeth and a fancy accent as if he were some distinguished gentleman. He was ridiculous and made Kai burst out in laughter even with the blush creeping up his face at the thought.

Kai had long since figured out that he wasn't exactly an alphaphile. He never actively sought them out for sex and partnerships like many omegas did. And if he really thought about it, he was scared of the possible pain from the stretch but as an idea, it sounded kind of... thrilling. Knotting. It wasn't like he'd never been curious about it. What it would feel like to be locked on the thick, swollen base of an alpha's cock and filled with his cum.

“Okay,” he said, cheeks feeling so hot they were probably burning by now.

Baekhyun stared at him with an open mouth. It made one corner of Kai's lips pull up involuntarily and he snorted. “What?”

“Did you just say 'okay'? As in 'yes'?!”

“Yeah,” Kai chuckled, shrugging his shoulders slightly. He didn't expect Baekhyun to throw his arms around him and press dozens of kisses on top of his head. It was oddly comforting. And endearing.

“I can't believe how lucky I am! I found the most gorgeous omega and he's letting me sleep with him!” He pushed his nose into Kai's hair, letting the strands tickle it, practically sitting in Kai's lap now.

“You're so cute,” Kai said, not quite sure how to react to this outburst and the happy swooping in his stomach.

“Alright, but,” Baekhyun pulled back a little and put a serious face on, “if at any point you change your mind about any of this, you gotta let me know, yeah? I want this to be enjoyable for you, too, and not like you-” He waved his arms around wildly in the limited space of the car, trying to get across what his words failed to convey.

“Okay,” Kai said again, smiling, and pulled Baekhyun in for a simple but firm kiss on the lips.

“Ohh...” Baekhyun exhaled the way you do when you had a shot of strong alcohol that burned its way down your throat. Kai hoped he as an omega didn't have that kind of intoxicating effect on Baekhyun who was, after all, still the designated driver.

Baekhyun took them to a hotel that was fancy-looking but discreetly tucked away in a small street in a part of the city that Kai recognized but hadn't been to often. It took the whole way up the elevator and halfway through the corridor to their room for the whole appearance of the hotel to trickle into Kai's brain and click.

“Wait,” he said, feet suddenly rooted to the plush carpet, “this is a love hotel?” He whispered the last words loudly, as if naked people would come bursting out the doors if he said them at a normal volume. He was together with an alpha in a hotel purely designed for the purpose of people staying approximately one night and having sex. Somehow, he was starting to feel like he was in an absurd but strangely alluring dream.

“Of course, they're usually the best equipped for this,” Baekhyun pushed the door open, toed off his shoes, and went straight to investigate the bedside drawers. “Ah, yes,” he said, looking pleased by what he found, “check out these while I shower and pick out anything you like. Nothing's fine, too.”

Kai followed him inside slowly, looking around. Everything was in tasteful whites and beiges with the carpet a darker brown and a subtle texture. A bed took up most of the space, flanked by two nightstands, then there was a large window with thick curtains, underneath it a modern dressing table in simple design, and a matching floor-to-ceiling wardrobe whose middle door also functioned as a mirror. For all intents and purposes, it looked like a normal hotel room. At least until Kai discovered what appeared to be padded shackles fastened to each of the four bedposts. The sudden sound of the shower being turned on in the small, adjacent bathroom made Kai jump, and then he laughed at himself. More relaxed, he turned to the nightstands and looked through the drawers like Baekhyun had asked him to. The contents made his eyebrows rise far up his forehead.

There were all kinds of sex toys, some Kai would never consider putting on or in himself and some he didn't even know the usage of. He had come here expecting fairly normal sex but now that the chance was right there, he did pick out one or two things that gave him a feeling in his stomach as if he'd swallowed a huge gulp of sweet, hot chocolate on a cold winter night, except with arousal in the mix, and dumped them on the bed. Lube and condoms were provided, too, so he added a bottle of neutral scented lube but left the right type of condoms for Baekhyun to pick out, after all it was his dick that was going to get wrapped.

When Baekhyun was done with his shower, Kai darted into the bathroom, leaving Baekhyun to find out on his own what he had picked, too embarrassed to wait for his immediate reaction. Though he would have liked to freeze the moment when Baekhyun had stepped out of the bathroom, hair still dripping onto his bare chest and the towel wrapped around his waist really not hiding much. But he would still have enough time later to let his eyes roam over Baekhyun's attractive form. As he cleaned himself thoroughly under the spray, he was acutely aware what he was preparing his body for and it made heat settle in his cheeks and arousal swirl in his groin. Although it had to be at least 3 a.m. he was too excited to feel tired at all.

After drying himself off, he figured he could just forgo the towel since they would end up naked anyway. Baekhyun's eyes almost popped out of his head when Kai stepped out of the bathroom and he was off the bed in a flash, pressing Kai against the wall as best as he could with his smaller body. His eyes only came about level with Kai's chin and he had to rise to his tiptoes to press a kiss right on Kai's lips, but his hands were all over Kai, tracing his collarbones, rubbing up and down the sides of his hips and then around over the curve of his butt.

Oh,” Baekhyun sighed and pulled Kai flush against him to knead his fingers into his ass cheeks, clearly aroused by the way he was hardening rapidly between their bodies. He buried his nose in the crook of Kai's neck and breathed in, making throaty sounds, still kneading his ass. “You smell so good,” he moaned.

“No longer like gasoline, right?” Kai tried to joke but his voice came out all hoarse. He was already this aroused and he couldn't even smell Baekhyun. He wondered how intense that had to be.

“Mmmh,” Baekhyun hummed against his neck, breathing in hungrily. “You smell like sexed up omega.” Baekhyun's lips were moving against Kai's skin and it gave him an idea. He'd seen Baekhyun's teeth when he'd laughed, all white and regular and so pretty and his canines, oh, his canines were a bit elongated so they stood out and Kai wanted to feel them.

“Bite me.”

“Huh?” Baekhyun looked up at him. Kai flushed hotly with embarrassment.

“Please,” he mumbled, “n- not like mark me, but just... pretend to bite me.”

Baekhyun put his lips on the side of Kai's neck, open-mouthed, so that his teeth touched the skin.

“Harder,” Kai moaned out. Baekhyun clamped down, canines digging into the skin pinched between them, and Kai's knees buckled. He would have sunk trembling down the wall, cock twitching, if not for Baekhyun's arm around his waist.

“Let's get you to the bed.”

Kai nodded deliriously, but everything slammed back into sharp focus when he'd stumbled to the bed and saw the object lying on it, the one he'd picked out from the sex toys. It was a simple black collar, about two finger's breadth, with flat, rounded studs and a buckle to close it. He knelt on the bed, hands placed flat on his knees and his cock dribbling translucent precum between his neatly closed legs.

“You want me to put this on you?” Baekhyun asked with arousal laced thick in his voice, taking the collar and turning it over in his elegant fingers.

“Yes.” Kai nodded. “But... just loosely, no choking.”

“Of course,” Baekhyun agreed and kisses Kai on the forehead. He scooted to the foot end of the bed and patted his lap. “Come over here.”

He manoeuvred Kai around so that he was facing the full-length mirror and pulled him in his lap, making him sit with Baekhyun's hard cock pressed against his ass. His knees were on either side of Baekhyun's, so when Baekhyun spread his legs, Kai's were pushed open even wider. He felt so exposed, so lewd, but he liked how Baekhyun made him look as he placed the collar around his neck.

“Like this?” Baekhyun asked, the collar sitting loosely around Kai's neck. “Wanna be my gorgeous puppy?”

“Yes,” Kai breathed and couldn't take his eyes off their image in the mirror as Baekhyun closed the buckle, settling the collar around his neck.

“What a pretty puppy,” Baekhyun cooed softly in his ear, then kissed along his neck, stopped when he reached the black band of the collar and moved over it to continue kissing along Kai's shoulder. “Want me to show you that I'm a real alpha?” His hands splayed warmly on Kai's stomach, pulling him even closer against his hard cock. Kai felt his breath hitch, imagining it inside him.

“What does my puppy need?” Baekhyun asked.

“A... a knot,” Kai moaned.

“Patience,” Baekhyun said and bit Kai's shoulder lightly, the soft part close to his neck, making Kai let out another shaky moan. “First you need prepping.” He felt around for the bottle of lube on the bed behind him and when he got a hold of it, grabbed it and coated his right hand liberally.

“I'm pretty big,” Baekhyun said, grinning smugly, as he stroked a lubed finger over Kai's cock, down his balls and then between his legs to play with his hole, “though your sweet omega body's made to adjust to it, I'm gonna work you open on my fingers until you can take four easily. You gonna watch?”

Kai nodded, fixing his heated gaze on the mirror. He pulled his knees up to give Baekhyun easier access, melting fully into the curves of Baekhyun's body. He felt so warm all over, welcoming Baekhyun's fingers when the pushed inside. Two slipped in easily and Kai didn't hold back his moans to let Baekhyun know they felt good. They were long and thin, reaching deliciously deep into him and stretching him gently. The third was a bit more to take but Baekhyun rewarded him with kisses up his neck as soon as he got it in to the last knuckle. They stayed like that for a long while, Baekhyun finger-fucking him slowly, and Kai just sinking into the slow-burning pleasure. Then Baekhyun pressed his pinky against the opening and pushed in. Kai moaned at the stretch, stomach muscles contracting and causing him to clench around Baekhyun's fingers. By the time he'd relaxed enough for Baekhyun to continue stretching him open, he was panting and his cock throbbing so hard, he felt like he'd come at the lightest touch.

Baekhyun prolonged the process as much as he could, partly because he'd never seen anything hotter than Kai writhing on his fingers in helpless despair and wanted to keep giving him that agonizing, not-quite-enough pleasure, partly because he wanted to be absolutely sure he was stretched enough, but eventually his arm muscles started cramping, and he slowed down, then pulled out. Kai whined but got off his lap when Baekhyun closed his legs and tapped Kai's hips. Before Baekhyun scooted back on the bed, he saw Kai standing on wobbly legs and with glazed eyes, and he was so, so fond. He pulled himself up on his knees on the bed, now almost the same height as Kai, and stroked his messy, sweaty hair out of his forehead, then kissed him softly on the lips.

“Come here, puppy,” he said gently as he laid back against the headboard and rolled a condom over his cock. Kai crawled up the bed, taking in Baekhyun's body, his thighs, the slightly curvy hips, the milky planes of his stomach and chest, the graceful clavicle that led in gentle lines up his neck. Everything about him was small, cute, or pretty, just the way Kai liked it, with the only exception being his boisterous laugh when he joked but Kai like that, too. And his cock, his cock was an alpha's cock, so big and hard, and Kai thought he might like that, too.

“Okay like this?” Baekhyun asked and Kai nodded, settling himself on Baekhyun's lap again, facing him this time. His chest was heaving as if he'd run a marathon as he guided Baekhyun's cock to his hole and sank down on it. He took the girth well but the length was so much more than Baekhyun's fingers, filling him up so deep inside he felt like it wouldn't all fit as he rocked on it, sliding a bit lower each time. Baekhyun was biting his lower lip, moaning, and trying not to thrust up until Kai was ready. He stroked over Kai's straining thighs gently.

Kai took the last inch, throwing his head back as he finally bottomed out, feeling his walls pulse hotly around Baekhyun's cock. He let his torso sink down until he was lying on Baekhyun's chest, telling himself he needed just a little moment until he could start riding Baekhyun.

Baekhyun patted his hair with one hand, rubbing the other over his shoulder blades and then down the arch of his back, babbling little praises. Kai moved his head up to kiss him, but soon he let his head fall into the crook of Baekhyun's neck again and settled for mouthing at the sweaty skin there. He tasted remnants of soap and water droplets, the salty tang of sweat, and something that he thought was uniquely Baekhyun. It was addicting. He lapped at it as he started pushing his hips down, enjoying the gasps he pulled from Baekhyun and the way his grip tightened on Kai's back.

He changed to the other side of Baekhyun's neck, kissing and licking, wanting more of his taste.

“Baekhyun!” he called, working his hips harder.

“What is it?” Baekhyun panted, thrusting up to meet Kai.

“Baekhyun, I need- !” Kai heaved himself up on his hands to look Baekhyun in the eyes while still pushing himself up and down on Baekhyun's cock. His face was flushed, lips parted, tousled hair bouncing on top of his head. He looked wild and beautiful. Unable to finish his sentence, he leaned back down and lapped at Baekhyun's chest, hot tongue sliding in long stripes over sweaty skin. “Why do you taste so good,” he whimpered, “I'm going crazy. Fuck me, please, Baekhyun, I need your knot so bad.”

Baekhyun was close, his knot would swell any moment, but he was surprised by Kai's words. He knew the signs of an omega under alpha pheromones and he'd thought Kai wouldn't be affected because he couldn't smell them. But he was... unless he could taste them? He must have licked them up with Baekhyun's sweat.

“Kai.” Baekhyun tried to cup Kai's face in his hands to get his attention but he was bouncing too wildly in Baekhyun's lap. “Kai, listen to me. I think what you tasted were my pheromones. This is going to be very intense for you now.”

“Yeah!” Kai moaned, riding Baekhyun so hard that their skin slapped together. “Ahh, Baekhyun! Please knot me, come in me. I want to feel your cum.”

Baekhyun felt his cock twitch so hard it made him gasp. He was clean, and male omegas couldn't get pregnant, so he could, and god, he wanted to, but-

“It's the pheromones, you don't know what you're saying.”

Kai shook his head frantically. “Thought about it earlier,” he hiccupped, “but now I really need it. Let me feel your cum. Take off the condom, please, give me your cum. Fill me up with you cum, please.”

Baekhyun's resolve crumbled quickly. He cupped his hands under Kai's butt and lifted the wildly bouncing omega up long enough to slide his cock out of him. Kai cried out when he was empty and clung to Baekhyun so hard that he almost couldn't move his arms enough to peel the condom off his cock. He flicked it over the edge of the bed, not wanting to make Kai wait any longer who was humping him, making desperate little noises of loss.

Baekhyun probed between his ass cheeks to make sure he was ready for his knot. His fingers glided over the swollen, heated rim of Kai's entrance, wet with lube and so loose from the hard fucking it had taken that it opened up beautifully under Baekhyun's touch, and he almost wanted to tease Kai a little, touch him with only his fingers until Kai was crying and pleading, but he wasn't cruel. As he pulled his hand back, it bumped against the bottle with the lubricant and he had the presence of mind to apply one more quick coating of lube before he repositioned his cock and slid home in one thrust. Kai's mouth fell open in a silent scream and his walls clamped down so hard that Baekhyun could barely thrust. God, Kai was locked so tight around his cock.

“Oh fuck, just like that, pup,” he groaned, feeling blood pump into his cock as the base started to swell up. “You're going to get your knot now. Can you feel it?”

Kai nodded, wobbly, with his hair bouncing on top of his head. His eyes were closed and he was babbling, “knot me, knot me,” as he kept moving his hips jerkily.

Baekhyun could still feel him sliding up and down around the length of his cock but the knot was swelling rapidly and he had to press his heels into the mattress to thrust harder, drawing a little scream of pleasure from Kai with every time the thickening part caught on his abused rim, stretching it a little wider. Then came the moment when Kai squeezed his eyes close and his scream bordered on pain, and Baekhyun gripped his waist tightly to yank him down one last time to thrust as deep as possible. Then he stilled and all he could feel was his heart hammering in his ribcage and the tight pressure of Kai's walls around his fully swollen knot as his cock pumped Kai full with his hot cum.

“Baekhyun!” Kai screamed. “It's- ahh!” His every breath was hitching too hard for him to get a sentence out when Baekhyun's knot pressed constantly against his prostate. He tried to shift but it only made his stomach convulse and his insides clenched down even harder, forcing the most intense orgasm out of him. Not even Baekhyun's fingertips stroking soothingly over the white knuckles of his fists could loosen his grip on the bedsheets as he could only watch spurts of cum being milked from his cock until it lay limp and small against Baekhyun's stomach. The pressure against his prostate didn't let up for a long time and he kept whimpering in pleasure with every new wave of arousal, unused to the prolonged stimulation of a knot in him.

Eventually though, the swelling went down enough for Baekhyun to pull his cock out with a pop, followed by a gush of cum. It made Kai's face flare with embarrassed heat and he tried to lift one knee over Baekhyun to close his legs but Baekhyun kept his hips in place, tugging him down to lie on top of him with one hand and fondling his slightly gaping hole with the other. Kai's eyelids felt too heavy to keep them open and he fell asleep to Baekhyun speaking softly in his ear.

“Sleep, my puppy. Next time I'll get you a plug to keep my cum in you all night and in the morning I'll put another load into you and keep going until your little belly swells.”

Kai woke up early, feeling wonderfully sore and refreshed, the latter of which was probably thanks to Baekhyun who had apparently cleaned him before going to bed himself. Baekhyun was still asleep, looking small buried under the blanket with only his dark mop of hair sticking out. His nose was wrinkled cutely, maybe from the edge of the blanket touching it, feeling ticklish. Kai allowed himself a moment of watching Baekhyun fondly. Even his tiny snores were cute, they sounded like little yips.

Kai smiled to himself but before long he decided to get dressed quietly. He needed to know whether he was just a one-night-stand for Baekhyun, which was okay because the sex had been great, or whether he was more in which case Baekhyun knew were to find him. He slipped out of the door and got on his way to find the nearest train station to go home, pack his backpack and go to class. He managed not to think about Baekhyun too much until the evening as he alighted from the bus that took him to the gas station he worked at.

“Kai, thank god you're here.” The beta who usually worked the shift before Kai stormed towards him with his long, flailing limbs, looking frazzled. “There's this weird guy who's been here the whole day. He refused to leave until you show up, and you know how bad I am at asserting myself in front of alphas.”

Kai drew his eyebrows together and looked around for the offender until his eyes fell on a baby blue Lamborghini.

“Baekhyun!” A delighted scream fell from his lips and he raced towards the alpha, only to be picked up by him. Smaller as Baekhyun was, he set Kai back down quickly but accepted the kiss Kai pressed on his lips with a laugh.

“I'm trying to be mad at you,” Baekhyun whined, “or at least sad.” He cuffed Kai in the arm as if it was his fault that Baekhyun couldn't quite suppress his smile even despite the declaration he'd just made. “I was gonna give you an earful for just disappearing on me without at least leaving your number. I thought maybe you'd had enough of me and didn't want to see me again 'cause I'm not an omega after all. I just had to know. That's why I came here.” He looked up at Kai, making a pouting face and miserable puppy eyes.

He was so cute. Kai couldn't fight against the urge to kiss him again. Then he said. “I had to know if I was just a one-night-stand to you or if you'd, uhm, care enough to come back here.”

“I would like to take you on a coffee sometime,” Baekhyun said earnestly.

“Tea?” Kai bargained, making Baekhyun laugh.

“Anything you want.”

Tags: fandom: exo, pairing: baekhyun/kai, rating: nc-17
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