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An Appointment With Dr. Suho

Title: An Appointment With Dr. Suho
Author eoryndal
Rating: nc-17
Pairing: SuKai
Warning: Medical kink (yup, I just did that ^.^v ), sounding, subspace(?)
A/N: I don't usually write birthday fic, but when I do, I write kink fic.
(Obviously inspired by this comeback and The Dr Suho Selca.)

Kai can tell Suho's wondering where exactly they are, confusion growing to slight hesitation the moment Kai had led him into the small, square, three-storey house tucked away between the high-rise hotels, expensive boutiques and neat cafés of Apgujeong that Suho is more familiar with. But for now, he's still following Kai without questions, giving up trying to find out where they're going after Kai had said that he'd take him somewhere for his birthday if he wore a white button-up and his thick-rimmed glasses, but that it was a surprise.

The entranceway to the small house is flanked by modern, simplistic concrete columns leading to a glass door that opens when Kai rings the bell to reveal a thick, burgundy coloured carpet that leads through a sort of foyer at the end of which a reception desk of dark, polished wood stands. Kai catches the way Suho tilts his hand and blinks at him questioningly, but he only raises his eyebrows at him, trying hard not to let his lips quirk at the way Suho pouts slightly when his inquiry stays unanswered and lets his gaze wander to the elevators to their left and the low, black couches that, together with a glass table and a big, tropical potted plant, form a lounge area.

His chest is quivering a bit from nervousness as he eyes Suho's profile, wide-eyed behind his nerdy glasses, and he's praying that he read the signs right. That Suho will enjoy this birthday present, want it, and not run away disgusted. At the sound of a door, he turns back to the reception desk towards which a young man ambles, chewing bubble gum and twining a set of keys around his long, slender forefinger. He eyes Suho shortly, taking in his attire, and then smirks at Kai, dangling the keys in front of him. "You're room 202, second floor, on the right. We open at eight, so you have until seven. Have fun, stay safe," he sing-songs.

"Baekhyun," Kai groans quietly, feels blood shooting into his cheeks, but he stretches out his hand, palm up, for Baekhyun to drop the keys into. The young man tips his snapback in a mock salute and walks back towards the door behind the reception desk. One hand already on the door handle, he turns around again. "Oh, right. You can take the elevator." He points his thumb in the direction. "And pick safewords, kids." With a broad grin, he shuts the door behind himself.

Kai pushes the elevator button and it dings and the doors open immediately. It must've been on their floor already. "Safewords?" Suho asks, as he steps in after Kai. Kai pushes the button with the "2" and mumbles "Monggu" to the tips of his sneakers. "That's mine." He can feel his cheeks burning. Since they're only going up one floor, the elevator ride is so short that Suho has no time to get over his now almost tangible confusion, brows furrowed and head slightly cocked as he's trying to make sense of everything.

Standing in front of the door to their right that has a brass plate which reads "202" in flowing lines that match the elegant brass door handle, Kai's heart seems to have jumped into his throat and he tries to fit the key into the lock with shaky hands. "Uh.. how about 'birthday' for me?" Suho asks behind him. It makes Kai huff out a little laugh as he considers the word and nods. "That's very good, actually."

He unlocks the door and swings it open, stepping in and then aside to make room for Suho before he closes and locks the door again. "What do you think?" he asks, noting how his voice comes out eager but slightly breathless. His anxiousness must be so obvious to Suho, he thinks and wants to melt into the grey and off-white mottled squares of the linoleum floor. He sees Suho's gaze sweep through the room, taking in the opened steel cabinet to their left, next to the door, the desk in the far left corner littered with some stationaries. A stethoscope sitting proudly in the middle. A leather chair behind it with a white lab coat hanging over the back that sends a tingle to the pit of Kai's stomach. Along the wall to their right, there's a little sink, and an examination table over which a pristine white roll of paper is spread.

Suho's gaze ends its round of survey on Kai's face, confusion making Suho's eyebrows crawl together until they're bunched up and almost meeting in the middle. Even without his mouth opening and a slow "why..." spilling out, Kai can tell that Suho still hasn't caught on to why they're here. Maybe not even to the fact that this isn't a real doctor's office, authentic as it might look. It even smells slightly of antiseptic. So (before it dawns on him and maybe he doesn't want this after all, before Kai's heart succeeds in jumping out of his throat and he gets cold feet and runs away) before Suho can voice the rest of the question, Kai darts past him and sits on the examination table, the thin paper rustling. "Dr. Suho, I feel dizzy," he breathes out, thumbs dragging over the black upholstery material that looks like leather but feels cool and sanitary. He swallows thickly and looks up at Suho who's still standing by the door.

He can see realization dawning on Suho, perhaps piecing together everything from that time Suho had worn the same shirt and glasses and jokingly sent Kai a selca with the message "If you get sick, call Dr. SUHO who is available all year round. 010-XOXO-LOVE YOU~", and that time Suho had applied heating pads to his aching back and gotten hard when Kai sighed "thank you, doctor" into his pillow, to all those little instances that had led them to this room. Suho's eyes are wide as he takes in the room once again, in a new light, maybe. "Is this a..." He doesn't finish his sentence, a rare blush dusting over his cheeks; Suho's normally so composed and calm. Even when he cracks an excruciatingly lame joke and Kai only levels him with a look, he doesn't blush, only laughs sheepishly. Kai can see that he's already straining against his pants as he strides over to the desk chair and runs his hand over the lab coat. "Can I wear this?"

"Yes," Kai confirms, "you can use everything here." His own eyes flit over to the open cabinet; earlier, he'd seen a tray of medical steel with an assortment of instruments on one of the shelves and he hopes Suho notices, too. He's already brimming with nervousness, anticipation again. He watches as Suho slides his arms into the sleeves of the lab coat and drapes the stethoscope around his neck just as he makes to explain. "It's-" His breath hitches when he imagines the cold instrument pressed to his chest and has to start again, voice thin. "It's a sex club." There's heat shooting into his face again. "Baekhyun, the man who works at the reception, is a friend and he owed me a favor." Suho steps out from behind the desk, but not towards Kai. On the wall opposite from him is a window covered with vertical blinds and Suho tugs on a cord that closes them, only soft white streaming through the stiff fabric, but it's not dim in the room. There are strong fluorescent lights on the ceiling, bright and sterile. Kai shifts on the examination table, tries to tug inconspicuously on his pants crotch to give his flushed cock more room.

Suho strides to the cabinet and, one hand on each door to hold them wide open, he peruses its contents. He pulls the tray out and sets it aside on a little trolley table that Kai hadn't noticed half hidden behind the open cabinet door. Kai watches him with baited breath, the way the white coat swishes with his movements, his surprised expressions as he takes a closer look at some of the items, fingering and weighing some of them in his hands before adding them to the trolley table or putting them back in the cabinet, the way his pants are straining so hard that Kai's feet itch to just run over, tug him out of them and suck and lick him. When he crouches down to peer at the lowest shelf and finds a box of disposable medical gloves, Kai imagines Suho's hands on him in those gloves and involuntarily lets out a whimper. He bites his lower lip when Suho turns to him with a look that's intense but undecipherable except for the lust, as he tugs two gloves out of the box and slides his fingers into them. Kai meets his eyes, heart hammering, and almost wishing Suho would skip everything and just fuck him already.

"The patient seems to be in pain or discomfort," Suho says in a low, even voice as he approaches Kai, holding his gaze even as he tugs the trolley table behind him. Coming to stand right in front of him, he's only about half a head taller than Kai since the examination table is so high, but Kai feels so small right now. When Kai crouches a little and snakes his arms under the lab coat and around Suho's waist, he can lean forward and smush his face in Suho's chest. He smells clean clothes, body soap and Suho's skin. It's so comforting to inhale the familiar scent; it anchors him. "Doctor, will I be okay?" He asks, voice coming out small not only because it's muffled in Suho's white shirt.

Suho lifts Kai's chin with a gloved hand, the touch foreign but familiar at the same time. It's exciting, the strange, slightly sticky feeling of the rubber pressing under his jaw somehow arousing. Suho's eyes behind his glasses are gentle. "You're in good hands, I promise. Now shall we start? Routine check-up first. Please look up." Kai tilts his face up and lets Suho cup his cheeks, pulling on his lower eyelids with his thumbs. Checking Kai's eyes, he leans so close that Kai can feel his hot breath on his lips. He yearns to lean up and close the last few centimeters distancing his lips from Suho's. But Suho's hands hold his face securely in place. 'And,' he tells himself, 'wouldn't it be inappropriate to make advances on your doctor?'

"Hm, okay," Suho hums, "and now the ears." He picks up one of the instruments that Kai knows but doesn't know the name of. It has a head with a pointy end, a bit like a beak, which has a little flashlight and lets the doctor see into his ears. Suho puts the tip carefully into his ear, holding the instrument still with one hand while he kneads Kai's earlobe with the other. Kai sits straight, not even daring to breathe, as all his perception is tuned in on the methodical swipes of Suho's thumb along the rim of his ear down to were it connects with the soft spot of skin above the edge of his jaw. Kai had never realized before how sensitive he is there and it's even worse when he knows what to expect, Suho releasing his right ear and repeating the process on the left one. He feels the blood pulse in his cock, in time with Suho's swipes as if every throb is orchestrated by Suho's gloved fingers.

"Very good," Suho murmurs and lays the otoscope back down on the tray. "Now open up, please." When Kai obediently opens his mouth, he's suddenly overcome by the need to make up for all the held breaths while Suho was checking his ears, and he sucks in huge gulps of air through his parted lips, lungs quivering and chest heaving. It leaves him with a lightheadedness and a rushing in his ears that almost have him ask Suho to check his ears again, wondering somewhere in the back of his head if he could come just from Suho's fingers massaging his earlobes, but then Suho presses two fingers on his tongue and his breaths stop short again, saliva flowing, and this time he really can't hold back from the urge to close his lips around Suho's fingers and suck. He shuts his eyes and swirls his tongue around the digits, coating them with saliva until they're slick and slippery, moaning at the taste of rubber and the tightness in his pants. He wants Suho to touch him with those gloves on so bad.

"Okay, no problems so far, but the patient seems to suffer from unusual heart palpitations," Suho says quietly, as if going through a checklist in his head, before addressing Kai again. "Would you please take your shirt off?" Kai pulls his shirt and undershirt over his head, dropping them on the foot end of the examination table. The air in the room is as cool and sterile as everything else and turns Kai's nipples into stiff little pebbles in the blink of an eye. He anticipates the cold steel of Suho's stethoscope on his skin. He almost moans when it comes, not even warming up after Suho has pressed it to several different areas of his chest. He wants Suho to touch and prod and examine him with his cold steel instruments all over his body, Suho with his careful, gloved hands, and gentle eyes behind stern glasses, and soft, authoritative voice. He wants Suho to find all his symptoms of how much he wants him, how badly he needs him, his trembling lungs and racing heart and straining limbs. "Doctor Suho..." he moans.

Suho pushes the stethoscope out of his ears down to his neck and tucks the other end into the breast pocket of his coat. "Where does it hurt?" he asks. "I don't know," Kai says, almost whimpering, "I just need-" Suho's calm, steady hand on his knee stops him. "Can you point to where it hurts?" he inquires. Kai feels like his whole body is trembling but he tries to keep the trembling inside, tries to sit still even though he wants nothing more than to scoot forward to the edge of the examination table, make Suho's hand slide from his knee to between his legs where he's aching to be touched. It hurts there and he thinks he could point Suho to the bulge in his pants and Suho would touch him, would help him. The thought makes his stomach lurch, abs clenching and it's clearly visible under the bright lights. Kai feels hot embarrassment wash over him and he quickly, vaguely taps his fingers on his lower stomach. "Here..."

Suho hums. "Well then, please lie on your back." He takes the pile of clothes and puts it on his desk to make room for Kai's feet as he stretches out on the examination table. Then he pulls off his medical gloves, drops them a little garbage can by the desk and pumps a glob of antiseptic gel from the dispenser above the sink into his hands. The pungent smell stings in Kai's nose as Suho rubs the antiseptic between his fingers and returns to Kai's side. "I'll have to palpate your stomach," he explains. Even his fingertips feels cool now, medical, but still familiar and safe enough, as Suho's touch starts just where the softness below Kai's ribs is, running down to his lower stomach slowly with thumbs rhythmically pressing down in the middle, a succession of imaginary dots in parallel lines down Kai's stomach that somehow trap all the blood in his lower regions. It's the worst when Suho continues down to his jeans button and zipper without the slightest change in pace, undoing both with the same agonizing slowness. Kai's cock under his fingers feels so full to the point of bursting, and with a little cry that wrangles itself out of Kai's mouth, he pushes Suho's hand away and pushes his pants and underwear down, kicking his legs until the garments fall to the floor. Heaving, he lets himself fall back on the examination table, paper sticking to his sweaty back and spots of warm wetness on his stomach, tell-tale signs of where his cock is leaking precome. Suddenly, he becomes aware of the fact that he's naked on full display under the bright lights, every little sign of arousal glaringly obvious, and it's so indecent to be like this in a doctor's office.

A thought comes to him, an idea so shameful that he whimpers and shields his eyes with his forearm, because god he can't look at the doctor when he says it, but he needs it so bad. "Doctor, please," he begs and cups his balls, palms at his cock, needs Suho's hands, "here, doctor, please help me. It hurts here." Suho is still, but Kai can feel his contemplative gaze heavy on him for a moment in which he fidgets inwardly and prays that the doctor doesn't see through his ruse, but soon his arms are tugged away from his face and from between his legs, pinned to his sides, and he gets the message; he must lie still for the doctor to be able to help him. All he can see is the bright red of the backs of his eyelids, closed against the strong fluorescent lights, but his ears strain to pick up every sound, the step of the doctor's shoes and the tinkling of instruments clanging lightly against each other on the steel tray, the doctor's soothing voice murmuring. "The patient shows signs of a fever. I must take his temperature." Then the cool, rounded tip of something smooth presses against his lips and Kai's eyes twitch open. When he quints, he can just make out a scale painted in red and black inside a cylindrical glass instrument, a thermometer, albeit without the usual slim, pointy end. This one is about two fingers' breadth in diameter from top to rounded end that Kai obediently takes into his mouth while the doctor swipes a soaked strand of hair out of Kai's forehead with heavenly cool fingertips. The touch is so relaxing that the heavy glass instrument almost drops out of Kai's mouth. "Oh." The doctor makes a tiny sound of surprise and shakes his head slightly. "Orally measuring won't do, I see."

Kai follows the doctor with his eyes as he steps over to the cabinet and pulls a new set of medical gloves out of their box. Inexplicably, it sends a wave of arousal through Kai, so strong that he has to gasp for breath. It's difficult to pant through his nose, but he still has the thermometer in his mouth. The doctor touches his lips with his gloved hands and takes the thermometer from him, placing it on a paper towel. "Lift your legs a little," he says and helps Kai bend his legs at the knees. The sterile, soothing touch on the backs of his knees and the insides of his thighs has Kai moaning. 'So shameless', he thinks as he spreads his legs, blushing hard, 'he can see everything. God, what am I doing? He could just fuck me like this. But... I'd want him to.'

"I know these are all a bit cold," the doctor's clear voice interrupts his thoughts, "but I have a warming gel here that can help lessen the discomfort." Kai gives a small nod in understanding because the doctor seems to look at him expectantly, and then he watches him squirt a clear, slick substance from one of his tubes and spread it on the rounded end of the thermometer. It looks so obscene to Kai's dirty mind, like lubing up a glass dildo, but he berates himself for thinking such things. He really, really can't be thinking such things, especially not when his doctor touches him in intimate places, holding his balls away so he has an unobstructed view and can press the tip of the glass dil- thermometer to Kai's sphincter. Kai can't help clenching his muscles and swivelling his hips the slightest bit so that the rounded tip rubs against him, moaning shamefully. His doctor has probably caught on by now, that this gets him off, and Kai knows it's not okay, he's taking advantage of him while he's just trying to do his job, but he can't stop picturing gloved hands cupping his balls, gloved hands plunging the thick glass thermometer into him and fucking him with it until he screams out and begs him to stop.

He does scream out when his muscles finally yield against the gentle, unrelenting pressure and the smooth instrument, feeling hot from the warming gel, slips deep into his body. His back wants to arch at the stinging pain mixed with burning pleasure deep inside of him, but he knows he has to lie still, mustn't squirm at the feeling of being touched so intimately and filled so good. He manages to wrestle the need to move, to feel more, down to letting his knees fall open wider with a needy whimper that erupts into a sharp exhale when the doctor wraps an unexpected hand softly around the base of his cock and pulls it up from his stomach where an embarrassing amount of sticky, almost translucent precome has pooled.

The doctor presses one gloved thumb to the red, leaking tip of Kai's cock, making him cry from overstimulation, eyes squeezed shut. "I know what you have. I can treat this, but it's a bit tricky." Kai loves the doctor's voice, it's so nice and comforting. A man he trusts to heal him. He could melt in his hands and still feel safe. "You have to lie very still, can you do that for me?" "Yes," Kai answers without hesitation, opening his eyes and trying to smile at the doctor, even though his vision is swimming a bit and it's hard to focus. He thinks the doctor picks something silvery up from the tray, something long and thin and silvery. It's pretty. Kai smiles.

"If it hurts, you have to tell me immediately, okay?" the nice voice says and it's the doctor, Kai knows, and that he has to lie still and tell if it hurts, he knows that, too, even if everything else is so fuzzy, so good right now. "Yes," he breathes out after a while of just feeling. He's warm and comfortable and something presses on his lower stomach or maybe lower back, he's not exactly sure, but it feels so good. He thinks he could maybe feel a bit more of that, because oh god he wishes he could feel more of that, if he just wriggled around a bit, but he can't do that. He's breathing and he can only draw really short breaths but it's a good feeling, not a panicked feeling, so he's content with his short, quick breaths, and the clean smell, and the pressure in his lower body, and the hands taking care of him. There's something silvery and pretty between his legs and it touches him, sinks into him, but maybe he's imagining that because the only thought filling his head right now is that there's something in him where it should be impossible but it's so intense, penetrating him in a way he's never felt before. A sharp stinging pain going into him but it doesn't hurt and then a soft pressure around it outside, gliding up and down, and Kai thinks he's going insane from the pleasure, and then the shiny sting leaves him in one go and he comes harder than he has ever come in his life.

When he blinks his eyes open to something cool and wet touching his forehead, he finds Suho leaning over him, dabbing sweat from his forehead with the wet corner of a paper towel. "Was I out long?" he says, voice coming out as a croak. Suho laughs quietly and shakes his head. "No, only a minute or so." He finds a paper cup and fills it at the sink for Kai who sits up and chugs it down in only a couple of big gulps. "What was that?" he asks then, less hoarse already. Suho lets out his sheepish laugh and picks something up from the tray with the assortment of instruments. He's still wearing the lab coat, even the medical gloves, Kai notices and the blush comes back with full force. What really makes him want to crawl under the examination table and never come back out again is the sight of the thing Suho holds out to show him. It's a thin metal rod, a bit longer than Kai's hand, with a tiny metal ball at the tip, hardly wider than the rod itself. "A sounding rod," Suho says and trips over his voice in a way that Kai knows happens when he tries to sound casual but fails, "it goes in the uretha."

"You mean..." Kai says slowly and runs a finger along the rod. It's so smooth that it almost feels soft, even though it's made from surgical steel. "This was in... in my penis?" He shivers as he feels the ghost of a touch in him, an overwhelming penetration as the sound was inserted in him and stretched him in places he thought were impossible to reach. Out of ideas of what to say in a situation like this, he settles on a slap to Suho's arm with no real force behind it, and asks. "Did you like your birthday present?" tacking on a playful "Dr. Suho" at the end.

"You have no idea what you do to me!" Suho sniffles at him, even pouting and making a pitiful whining sound. "I suppose you're too sensitive right now for me to..." He tugs slightly on the fabrics of his pants, drawing Kai's gaze to the still very much tenting front. "You're so kinky, Dr. Suho," Kai teases with a low chuckle, waiting for the inevitable effect this way of addressing him has on Suho, "but you can't even say the word 'fuck'." He lies back, grin playing on his lips, and stretches out languidly. When Suho doesn't get the invitation, only gapes at him, Kai reaches out and tugs him onto the examination table by the lapels of his lab coat. The only way for Suho not to fall off of the quite narrow piece of furniture, made for one person only, is to lie on top of Kai who shifts around under him until he's comfortable, legs tangled with Suho's and one arm around his shoulders to arch up against him and give him slow, deep kisses. He opens Suho's belt buckle with his free hand and sneaks it inside his pants, stroking him the way he knows he likes it. It doesn't take long until Suho's elbows which support his weight on either side of Kai's head begin to quiver and his hips jerk. When they have sex, this is the point where Suho grips Kai's hips hard and pounds into him.

"Dr. Suho," Kai says in a low voice. Suho ruts into Kai's fist with a strangled moan and comes. Kai holds him until he's all spent and stops twitching against his fingers. Then he wipes his hand on the lab coat and tugs a warm and now equally boneless Suho down on top of him. "Nap time, doctor," he says, "if we have until seven, we can sleep until five to seven. And then bulgogi at Chanyeol's? I'm sure he'll give you their best Korean beef for your birthday."

Tags: fandom: exo, pairing: suho/kai, rating: nc-17
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