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Suit Up!

Title: Suit Up!
Author eoryndal
Rating: nc-17
Pairing: Chanyeol/Tao
Disclaimer: I don't like men in suits. (Also, I've never watched HIMYM, I just needed a title for this fic.)
Summary: After a stressful day, Chanyeol learns several new things about his secretary, one of which is that he likes Chanyeol in a suit and another one is that he also likes to get Chanyeol out of said suit. And that he, as nice as his car is, should really buy one with a higher ceiling if he wants Chanyeol to ride him in the backseat again.

A/N; This is a 5k smut fic with next to no plot for bauci . Enjoy, bb~~ ^^
Originally, this ended when Chanyeol asked Tao out for dinner. But then I was like, nah, that's not even real smut, and it kinda exploded after that.
Oh, and this is Chanyeol in his suit, and Tao the secretary, if you want the exact visuals.

Chanyeol was a bit frazzled. Work had been stressful today, he'd had to give a very important presentation and now he just felt like a wrung out towel. The starched shirt was itching on his skin and he wasn't very keen on talking to his receptionist on the way out but he had to.

It wasn't that he didn't like Tao. Tao was a very diligent worker. He kept all the files on his computer in impeccable order, handled calls in three languages, was never late to do the mail, and always without fail had a summary report with the important bullet points of the day ready to hand Chanyeol when he clocked out. (To be fair, without him, Chanyeol would be a little lost sometimes. Or at least a lot more desperate.)

No, it was just that he was so infuriating. This morning when Chanyeol had come in, briefcase clutched in sweaty palms, inwardly fretting over that one bullet point he thought he had forgotten to put on his seventh powerpoint slide, Tao had greeted him with a lopsided grin from behind his desk, feet propped up on it, and said. "Nice suit."

Chanyeol hated suits. Chanyeol and suits didn't go well together, and he never wore them. Their company had voted against formal dress eleven to one. Despite this, Tao always wore suits, the stylish black kind with studs on the lapels, designed by an up-and-coming name in the avantgarde fashion world with a French name that Chanyeol couldn't pronounce without getting cramps in his tongue. Needless to say, when Chanyeol had shown up that day, nervous, barely on time (because he'd tried to tame his hair for fifteen minutes before giving up), and in a grey suit he'd gotten for twenty bucks in a local outlet store, he'd felt like Tao was mocking him.

The presentation had gone well but now Chanyeol just wanted to switch off the office lights and lock up alone without talking to anyone and then go straight home and faceplant into his bed. But as always, Tao was still there, already logged out of his computer, ready to go, just leaning against the front of his desk with the report in his hands. Chanyeol hoisted his briefcase up on Tao's desk. It landed with a thud loud enough to make both of them flinch.

"Just, er... just put it in the front pocket," Chanyeol said more meekly after that little shock and waved at the report with one hand, the other clutching the knot of his tie, trying to tug it loose. It was suffocating, stupid thing. He only noticed he was still yanking on his tie and making frustrated noises when he heard the click of his briefcase being shut, strangely resounding in the otherwise quiet office, and fingers came to rest over his knuckles softly but firmly. "Chanyeol," Tao admonished.

"That's Mr. Park," Chanyeol barked out of habit. Because Tao spoke in perfect politeness to clients on the phone but he addressed his superior as if they were same age friends.

"Hmm, okay," Tao hummed noncommittally, a trace of humour in his voice, "Mr. Park. Easy." He tugged on the right end, slipping the knot away from Chanyeol's throat. And today, Chanyeol didn't have enough energy for their usual banter, didn't rise to the bait, didn't give Tao a retort. He was just glad when he could finally take a deep breath and let his head fall forward on the exhale for a moment. Then there were hands sliding under the pads of his suit jacket, digging into his tense shoulders, deftly working out all the kinks in his muscles. Sure, it wasn't in the job description. But if Tao felt the need to become his personal masseuse, that was cool with him. He wasn't going to protest, not today, no matter how annoying Tao was on normal days.

He relished in the feeling until he heard Tao snorting little puffs of air through his nose and lifted his head to see him biting his lip in an attempt to suppress laughter. Chanyeol glared at him. Tao burst out, laughing in a surprisingly bright and high tone that didn't quite fit the sombre image Chanyeol had painted of him in his mind. "Your face looked like this." Tao scrunched up his face and opened his mouth. It looked ridiculous because, while Chanyeol had often been told that his face was rich in interesting expressions, Tao's features were more of the kind that looked like they'd been chiselled out of smooth, expensive stone. They weren't made to be scrunched up. "Did not!" Chanyeol protested and swatted at Tao's arm.

And this, he was pretty sure, wasn't in the job description either, Tao looking at him with amusement sparkling in his eyes and fingertips sliding along the inside of his shirt collar, brushing over his skin, dancing over his clavicles as he undid the first button. "Chanyeol," Tao started, this time in a quiet tone that made his voice deeper and huskier. Chanyeol wanted to correct him again but those hands so close to his voice box held the breath in his lungs hostage. "I meant it when I said I liked your suit this morning."

Honestly speaking, Chanyeol was a bit stunned by that. He gaped before suddenly remembering that he had hands, too, and he grabbed the lapels of Tao's jacket in them, studs be damned, crashing their lips together. Tao made a startled little sound, like he hadn't seen this coming after all, and it only egged Chanyeol on, trying to get more noises from him. He pressed so close that it was almost painful, teeth in the way, Tao's nose poking into his cheek but he needed this, slid one hand into the shorter hairs at the back of Tao's neck, the other resting on Tao's jawline, thumb pulling on his chin to coax his mouth open. Tao tasted like the soy-milk-and-whatnot hipster concoction he liked to drink that Chanyeol refused to call coffee because real coffee is black and nothing but.

"Shit," Chanyeol panted when he pulled away.

"Yeah, that was shit," Tao said, grin playing in the corners of his mouth, but something gentle glowing in his eyes as he slung his arms loosely around Chanyeol's neck and kissed him again, unhurried, playful, with fleeting nibbles, a pause as he drew back and his exhale ghosted over Chanyeol's wet lips, then a change of angle, a languid press of his lips on Chanyeol's, moving with a gentleness that made Chanyeol feel like he could breathe for the first time that day. His eyes had slipped close and he didn't realize he was chasing after Tao's kisses, leaning in, in, in, until Tao lifted away and hopped up on his desk because he couldn't lean back any further without possibly dislocating his spine.

Chanyeol slung his arms around Tao's lower back and pressed his face into Tao's chest, nose fitting into the dip above his left collarbone. He made a sound like a lost puppy that has finally found its home. He knew he was whining but he'd had a long day. And Tao smelled so good, not a musky, expensive perfume Chanyeol would have expected on him but a scent that was somewhat flowery and soft.

Ironically, that was what made Chanyeol hard. He closed his eyes, breathed in more of Tao and let it happen, let his newfound desire pulse through him. He knew Tao could feel it, that he was hot and wanting, because he was standing between his thighs and they were so close.

Chanyeol loosened his arms around Tao's waist a minuscule bit, even though it was the least thing he wanted to do. But if Tao made to push him away, he was going to let him. He was not going to cling, to beg for one more kiss, for one more blissful moment in his arms.

"Chanyeol," Tao gasped. (Chanyeol was really starting to like how he said his name.) "Oh god, are we really doing this?"

"Yeah," Chanyeol said and lifted his head, searching Tao's eyes. They ware dark, but not their usual dark that stemmed from eye bags and artfully applied eyeliner, they ware dark like glowing coals in the middle of a fire and Chanyeol wasn't the type to stare into people's eyes for a prolonged time but he was captivated, set aglow, and he wanted to wrap himself in everything Tao and just feel. A swipe of his tongue over his lips and he was leaning in to kiss Tao again, softly this time, just to still the pounding of his heart, and they were getting better at this, adjusting to each other as he parted his lips and the tip of Tao's tongue met his, soft, hot, gently pushing and sliding, giving as much as taking until Chanyeol's whole body was pulsing with want.

"Shit, ahh," Chanyeol moaned, "Tao. Tao, just fuck-"

"Okay," Tao managed to say as Chanyeol trailed the tip of his nose along his jawline and breathed hot against his skin, "pull down your pants." While Chanyeol did as he was told, Tao pressed a hand to his mouth and Chanyeol barely had time to wonder why before he wrapped his spit-slicked hand tightly around him. Chanyeol's hands were big and dexterous, made to get things done. Tao's hands were elegant, and he knew what he was doing as he rubbed a warm, soft palm over the tip of Chanyeol's cock repeatedly, smearing enough precome on his skin to let it glide smoothly down the length. His fist was just tight enough, sliding up and down just fast enough to be more than mere teasing but not enough to get Chanyeol off quickly. Every touch was so satisfying and so frustrating at the same time. Chanyeol dug his fingers into Tao's shoulders and clung to him as he canted his hips, desperate to thrust into Tao's fist and chase his release but Tao loosened his grip until only his thumb and index finger remained wrapped in a tight circle around Chanyeol's shaft, dragging up in such a torturously slow, long stroke that Chanyeol's knees began to shake as his thighs tensed, abs pulled taut, lower lips pulled between his teeth, every part of his body begging for Tao to let him come. And then Tao squeezed and swirled the pad of his thumb over the sensitive underside, again and again, until Chanyeol let out a cry and spilled all over his fingers.

He left cleaning up to Tao and just slumped against him, mouth lingering at his clavicles to press sloppy, lazy kisses into the skin. He could feel a paper tissue dabbing at his nether regions but he didn't particularly care at that moment because his heart was still thudding like he'd run a marathon and Tao's presumably clean hand was running through his hair. It felt so nice, even if his fingers got tangled in the clumped mess occasionally where Chanyeol had attempted to wrestle his unruly curls down with gel.

"What about you?" Chanyeol mumbled after such a long while that Tao had started wondering whether he'd just fallen asleep on him.

"Forget it, Mr. Park Chanyeol," Tao laughed. "I'd love to have you on my desk, popping button after button of your shirt open..." He trailed a finger down Chanyeol's chest as if to underline his words. "Until every inch of your awesomeness is spread out under me and then I'd fuck you slow and good... But you look like you're about to fall asleep, so I'm saving that for next time. Let's just get you home for now."

"You suck at dirty talk," Chanyeol grumbled, chuckled a bit. He felt really good. "Home sounds like heaven right now."

Tao pushed Chanyeol up and hopped off the desk. "Well then let's go." He gathered their things while Chanyeol pulled up his pants and then took the briefcase Tao handed him with a grin. "You owe me one, though," was what Tao said on their way to the elevator, lightly, playfully, no real meaning behind his words, but something just clicked in Chanyeol's mind. He put his hand on Tao's wrist, more a sign that he wanted to talk to him than a restraint. Tao turned to look him in the eyes. It hit Chanyeol how handsome he was, and he wondered why he hadn't realized it earlier. He should've used a lot of the time he'd spent squabbling with Tao to just stare at him, or better yet, kiss him. Tao's face was actually kind of breathtakingly beautiful, especially up close, and Chanyeol forgot half of what he'd wanted to say. "Uhh... tomorrow?"

Tao huffed out a laugh. "Tomorrow? I knew I was good but if I had known you'd be back for more that quickly I would've-"

"No, I mean dinner. Let me treat you to dinner tomorrow evening. Because I'd like to, and, yeah, it's a date? Uh, I'll wear my suit! I heard you liked my suit." By then, Chanyeol was grinning brightly. The elevator dinged as it arrived and the doors opened, letting them step inside. Tao pressed B1 for the garage before leaning back into Chanyeol's chest, grabbing both of his hands and tugging. Chanyeol put his briefcase on the floor so that he could loop his arms around Tao's midriff. "Dinner sounds nice," Tao agreed. And added after a cheeky pause. "But only if I get to fuck you after that." Chanyeol coloured at those words and even though he tried to hide it by pressing his face into the back of Tao's shoulders, Tao still caught his bright red ears in the mirrored walls of the elevator.

And the beginning of a hard-on Tao could feel against his rear was more than answer enough for both of them. "I'm not really tired anymore," Chanyeol said. Tao turned around in his arms, took in his big, gleaming eyes and his enthusiastic grin. It was adorable and Tao felt the urge to kiss him but whenever Chanyeol grinned, there were just so many teeth. So he settled on stepping closer, pressing his groin against Chanyeol's. "My car has tinted windows," he hinted, just in time as the elevator dinged again, announcing that they'd reached their destination.

"Lead the way!" Chanyeol hollered as they stepped out of the elevator, making Tao snort out a laugh. (Chanyeol had to run back, sticking his hands between the closing elevator doors to keep the open, grabbing his briefcase from the floor where he'd left it. "Sorry 'bout that." He scratched the back of his head sheepishly as he made his way back to where Tao was waiting with laughter sparkling in his eyes.)

Tao pressed a button on his keys and not too far away, a car beeped at them, lights flashing in the dim garage. Chanyeol whistled through his teeth when he was close enough to make out the looped logo on the car. "Your job pays well, huh?"

"Actually, no. I could use a pay rise." Tao threw Chanyeol a side glance, grinning. "I have a friend who's a car dealer. He secured this baby for me. Second-hand but it looks like new, right?" He trailed a hand over the frame in a gentle caress before opening the door to the backseat for Chanyeol who bowed jokingly to the car before getting in with an "it's an honour."

He checked out the classy black interior for the moment it took Tao to rummage in the glove compartment and then climb into the backseat beside him, shoving with his hip to make Chanyeol scoot over enough that he could duck his head into the car and close the door. Instantly, Chanyeol felt like the temperature shot up by a few degrees and anticipation began to thrum through his body. Tao's gaze was burning hot on the side of his face but for some reason, he couldn't turn to meet his eyes. His face was so hot. They were going to have sex, here, in this car. He jumped like a startled animal when Tao's hand landed on his chest, playing with the first button, and reflexively turning his head, he got caught in Tao's gaze in an instant. Tao was all smouldering, slanted eyes and curled lips, like a sex kitten, and he popped the button before moving to the next, never leaving Chanyeol's gaze even as he inched closer, eyes hooded as he craned his neck to lean in for a kiss. Popping the next button, he slid his hand under Chanyeol's shirt, claiming his mouth the moment his nails caught on Chanyeol's nipples and made him gasp. Chanyeol lost track of the remaining buttons, busy with moaning around Tao's tongue in his mouth.

He only got a moment to breathe when Tao leaned back and admired his handiwork, sliding the opened shirt apart to reveal the bare expanses of Chanyeol's torso, smooth skin only interrupted by the tie dangling from his clavicles to his belly button and by his nipples, perked up from arousal and Tao's ministrations. Tao slid his hand down his stomach, fingertips just grazing the skin under his belt. Chanyeol's cock twitched and he spread his legs in an attempt to give his hard-on more space but it just made the fabric rub, so he happily complied when Tao tapped his belt buckle. "Off."

After Chanyeol had rid himself of his shoes, socks, pants and underwear, letting them pile up in some corner of the floor, he saw that Tao had done the same and his gaze was inadvertently drawn to Tao's cock. It looked so hard and big, rising quite impressively from its nest of dark curls. Chanyeol saw Tao wrap his hands around it, giving it a few light strokes and fuck, suddenly he wanted to know how much of that he could fit into his mouth. He gulped, couldn't tear his eyes from the sight of the head appearing and disappearing in Tao's fist like he was being hypnotized. "Wait, Tao, I want to-" He stopped, surprised at how deep his voice came out. God, he was so fucking turned on just watching Tao masturbate.

Tao lifted his gaze from his cock, looking at Chanyeol questioningly. Chanyeol wished he could just scream at Tao telepathically or make him get it simply with the look in his eyes. But Tao just blinked at him expectantly. "Fuck, Tao, are you gonna make me say it?" Chanyeol dug his hands into his hair, agitated. His face was heating up. "I want to suck your dick, okay?"

"Whoa... okay," Tao said, voice breathy like Chanyeol had just made a wish come true and he couldn't quite believe it yet. He let his hands fall away from his cock as Chanyeol got off the seat and squeezed his lanky body in the tiny space behind the driver's seat. Tao's knee was in the way and he had to lift his long leg onto the backseat so that Chanyeol could reach between him. It was an awkward fit in the confined space of the car but Chanyeol barely noticed it as he slid a bit closer on his knees, eyes never leaving the tip of Tao's cock, the end of his tie tickling over Tao's leg until he leaned down, licking over his lips thoroughly to wet them. Had never given head before, but no good kisses came out of dry lips and no good handjobs came out of dry palms, so when he put one and one together, he could guess that dry lips didn't make for good blowjobs, either.

Just before he reached the tip, when he was about to stick his tongue into the drops of precome that had beaded there and suck them into his mouth, Tao rubbed his thumb all over the plump, softly giving flesh of his lower lip. "Fuck," Tao swore, "fuck, that's so hot." Lips already parted, there was no way Chanyeol could hold in his moan. He slicked his lips with saliva again and closed them around the head of Tao's cock, sucking, and moaning again when Tao's taste coated his tongue. He took him deeper, not realizing the hungry sound he made when Tao accidentally bucked his hips up and pushed his cock hard against the back of Chanyeol's mouth. "Shit, sorry," Tao gasped out and planted himself firmly back in the seat, sliding out of Chanyeol's mouth. "No," Chanyeol said quickly, his voice deep and raspy, breathing hotly over Tao's cock. "Again. Fuck my mouth. Come on, Tao." He kept his balance with his left hand on the seat beside Tao's thigh as he let Tao slide back into his mouth and used his right hand to jack off fast and hard. He let his eyes fall close to the feeling of Tao rocking his hard cock into his mouth and the pleasure he was giving himself until Tao called his name again.

"Fuck, Chanyeol, this gets you off." It wasn't a question, despite the wonder in Tao's voice, and, yeah, Chanyeol was so close, what was the point in denying how good he felt when Tao's cock filled his mouth like this, sliding in all the way to his throat and then out until the flared tip snagged on Chanyeol's lips that he had pulled over his teeth, making Chanyeol suck harder in a desperate attempt to get him back in, to coat everything in him with the salty taste of his precome, a wish Tao gladly granted. Chanyeol wasn't sure why but, yeah, this did get him off and, no, he didn't want to stop sucking Tao to say that out loud. He was just so close and he needed Tao so badly to continue fucking his mouth and he hoped the needy moans he made purposely in the back of his throat conveyed that. Fuck, just a few more strokes, feeling Tao's cock fill him just a few more times and he'd tip over that sweet edge. But Tao grabbed his elbows and heaved him up, simultaneously lifting Chanyeol's hand away from his cock and causing his dick to slip out of his mouth. "Chanyeol," Tao panted and this was by far Chanyeol's favourite way of hearing his name out of Tao's mouth. "Don't come yet. You're gonna fall over like a bag of rice again. God, I want to fuck you so bad."

He got Chanyeol to climb back up off the floor and pulled the pack of paper tissues, condoms and lube from where they had slid between two seats, holding the small bottle towards Chanyeol. Chanyeol took it and played with the cap absentmindedly, clicking it open and shut, as he tried to think through the need to get off that seemed to occupy every brain cell. One-track-mind. Still, this was kind of important. "Uhh, I know the technicalities but I've never..."

With a short "huh", Tao took the bottle out of Chanyeol's fiddling hands and they rearranged themselves in the cramped space. Figuring out a position that worked after Chanyeol had bumped his head into the ceiling when he'd followed Tao's suggestion to climb on his lap took a while, especially since they got side-tracked by the urge to make out heavily whenever their faces came into close proximity to each other. Finally though, Tao was pressed up against the car door on his side and Chanyeol took up the rest of the backseats even with his long limbs folded underneath him, ass up so that Tao could reach over his back and finger him open.

"Ahh, feels... weird," Chanyeol panted.

"Stop clenching," Tao said, slightly irritated, but he was probably just getting impatient. "You gotta relax."

"I'm not doing it on purpose!" Chanyeol's forehead creased as he attempted to concentrate. All of his muscles felt like tense bowstrings, he couldn't even tell them apart anymore, which ones were shaking, which ones made him rock back into Tao's hand, which ones were clenching. "Just. Distract me or something."

Tao stilled for a moment to think, one slick finger crooked into Chanyeol's tight heat. Looking at Chanyeol's flushed face gave him an idea and his dick twitched at the thought, voice choked with desire. "Earlier, you liked this, right?" He angled his hips towards Chanyeol and gently guided his head down with his free hand. Chanyeol got the hint and looked at Tao's erect cock that was now reddened at the tip and constantly dripping precome. He wanted to lap it all up, lick him clean and leave only his saliva to make his cock slick and shiny.

As Chanyeol lowered his head and took him into his mouth, Tao whimpered. "Ahh, wait, oh fuck, please, Chanyeol, only the head. I'm close, too." Chanyeol pulled off and sucked at the tip, then focused on getting creative with the things he could do to it while Tao fingered him open. He began with swiping his tongue over the slit, licking precome up like ice cream, then swirling his tongue around it in circles at which Tao had to choke back a little cry. Then Chanyeol puckered up and pressed his lips to the tip of Tao's dick.

Tao halted and looked down. "Did you just-"

"Yeah." Chanyeol grinned up at him with a so-what-are-you-gonna-do-about-it look. He held Tao's cock firmly against his stomach and leaned down to plant kisses in a wet line along the underside, starting all the way from the scrotum just to be obnoxious. Tao groaned, a defeated sound half between a sob and a laugh. But Chanyeol's favourite was to suck at the tip and he settled on that again, not noticing how worked up it got Tao until he gasped. "Chanyeol?"

Chanyeol hummed, making Tao whimper as vibrations travelled down his cock that was over-sensitive from all the stimulation.

"Ready?" Tao gasped.

"Uh, not sure?" Chanyeol wriggled his ass a bit, only now registering how full he felt, and the realization sent pulses of arousal between his legs. "How many?"

He heard Tao swallow, then pant out. "Four." Chanyeol moaned and pushed back hard. God, the stretch. "Yeah, definitely ready." His voice sounded wrecked but so did Tao's. They moaned in unison as Tao slid his fingers out, Tao from the feeling of Chanyeol clenching around him and Chanyeol from the startling feeling of emptiness. Tao wiped his hands on a paper tissue, then ripped a condom foil open, preparing himself for Chanyeol.

It required some more logistics but they managed to get Chanyeol to straddle Tao without giving himself a concussion on the low car ceiling, with Tao's knees between the driver's seat and the front passenger seat so that he could scoot towards the edge of the backseat, leaving him with some room to lean back far enough for Chanyeol to sit in his lap if he curved his back down and held on to the backrest for balance.

"Next time, we're doing this in my bed," Chanyeol said with a chuckle as he fumbled between his legs to help Tao align the tip of his dick with his hole. "It's king-sized."

"Okay," Tao breathed and tugged Chanyeol down for a searing kiss right as he thrust up, knocking the air out of Chanyeol's lungs in a drawn-out moan. Chanyeol instinctively tried to gasp but his lips were sealed by Tao's and the small wave of panic that zinged through him as his lungs cried for oxygen fused with the pleasure that shot up his spine at the feeling of Tao so deep in him. He dug his fingers into the backrest with shaking arms and managed to break the kiss to draw gulps of air into his lungs just as Tao grabbed his hips and lifted him up, his cock feeling no less pleasurable sliding out than it did sliding back in when Tao dropped him again. Through the ringing in his ears, Chanyeol almost didn't hear Tao whisper as if to himself, "mmmh, god, I've wanted this for so long," his eyes falling close as he thrust up into Chanyeol again.

And Chanyeol wouldn't be Chanyeol if he didn't grin at that, even as he pushed his hips back into every thrust, moaning loudly for every centimeter that Tao reached further into him. "How long? Is that why you keep calling my office to ask about things you already know?" Chanyeol tried to tease, but his playful words came out in gasps and stutters matching Tao's rhythm. "To- ahh- hear my voice?" Tao just grinned, thrusting harder, but Chanyeol was on a roll. "My voice is," he managed to groan out, "pretty awesome." A cry interrupted him as Tao hit his prostate. "Deep- ahh fuck- sexy-"

"Why are you like this?" Tao groaned, half-sobbing, half-laughing. Chanyeol's string of words only trailed off into incoherent moans when he wrapped his fingers around his cock and stroked him mercilessly fast while at the same time pounding into his tight heat. He loved how Chanyeol lost himself in the pleasure, meeting Tao's thrusts with fervour, even as sweat made his skin glisten and dropped from the tips of his matted hair, even as he couldn't control the tremors of his body anymore, cum spurting between their bodies and his ass clenching so tightly it was almost painful for Tao. He bit his teeth together and dug his fingers hard into Chanyeol's ass cheeks, holding still until Chanyeol slumped down on him after his orgasm. He was pretty much dead weight on Tao now, and he was heavy. But his body was pliant and relaxed now, allowing Tao to drive into him with hard snaps, only occasional twitches and spasms from the after-shocks of Chanyeol's orgasm fluttering around his cock.

"Mmh, feels good," Chanyeol slurred, voice muffled in Tao's shirt. "Fuck me." And Tao did, drawing it out as long as he could before finally finding his own sweet release in Chanyeol. With a big, satisfied sigh, he slumped into the seat, uncaring for the moment that his neck was bent at an awkward angle and his back would start to hurt if he stayed too long in this position. Plus, Chanyeol was still heavy on him.

"Oh no," Chanyeol mumbled into his shirt suddenly, "what if we stained your seats?" He lifted his head, worry edged into his brow. "And I ruined your shirt, sorry."

Tao just laughed softly and stroked his hair, gently pushing his head down to rest on his chest again.

"So what? We just clean them."

But he did smirk when he shifted his hips to let his softened cock slip out and Chanyeol's head jerked up again, startled, and banged against the ceiling.

Tags: fandom: exo, pairing: chanyeol/tao, rating: nc-17
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