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Hi everyone, this is eoryndal!

So... finally I'm making a home for my fics.
I used to post my fics in fandom communities (mainly SHINee, Infinite and Exo respectively), so if you find the same fics there and here, it's not plagiarized, it's just cross-posted. ^^

I need this community to organize my stuff, and will come back to this entry to add a masterlist some day.
For now, please use the tags (though not all tags have fics under them yet).
=> UPDATE: Masterlist has been added.

COME AND GIVE ME A PROMPT OVER HERE (sort of discontinued, but I'm planning to pick it up again)

I'm not going to lock any of the entries, so feel free to read and drop a comment. But heed the rating, yah? No need to join this comm or friend me, but I'd be happy if you want to, of course ^^ I'm a rather quiet person and I'm not the most confident writer. But I get excited and more talkative when it comes to my fandoms and I ship ALL THE ships. I value tolerance. Take your ship wars elsewhere.

I tended to use stage names in my older Exo fics but now I'm just like, whatever, and mostly use their real names.

Uhmm, what else?

Enjoy~ <3

Newest gets added on top. So this list should be in the same order as the posts in this journal.

Title: Golem
Rating: pg
Pairing: only if you squint
Genre: long fic, friendship, fantasy/adventure
Summary: Kyungsoo wants to become the best potter in the world. With the help of his best friends and some local deities he creates something truly unrivalled. But with great power also comes great responsibility.

Title: An Appointment With Dr. Suho
Rating: nc-17
Warning: medical kink, sounding
Pairing: SuKai
Genre: smut, established relationship
Summary: Kai takes his boyfriend Suho to a special location, after all, when's a better time for some kink exploration than his birthday?

Title: Suit Up!
Rating: nc-17
Pairing: Chanyeol/Tao
Genre: smut
Summary: After a stressful day, Chanyeol learns several new things about his secretary, one of which is that he likes Chanyeol in a suit and another one is that he also likes to get Chanyeol out of said suit. And that he, as nice as his car is, should really buy one with a higher ceiling if he wants Chanyeol to ride him in the backseat again.

Title: The Name of the Game
Rating: pg-15
Pairing: Chanyeol/Chen
Genre: humour, college!au
Summary: Chanyeol and Chen are in college. That doesn't mean they're too old for gay chicken.

Title: Sweet Dreams
Rating: pg-13
Pairing: SuKai
Genre: slice of life
Summary: Suho dreams of Kai but reality is always different. Naked cuddles prompt fill.

Title: Cat's Cradle
Rating: nc-17
Warning: master/pet relationships
Pairing: SuKai (and ninja Kai-pairings)
Genre: Reverse catboy!au
Summary: In a society dominated by cat people, humans are incredibly rare pets. Suho gets one, a beautiful and well-behaved albeit a little timid boy named Kai.

Title: Like Lotus Petals
Rating: nc-17
Pairing: Chanyeol/Kai
Genre: smut
Summary: In which there is sweet, tender body whorshipping.

Title: Ambrosia On Your Lips
Rating: r
Pairing: SuKai
Genre: smut, part of my unofficial Suho's-lower-body-appreciation-fic-series
Summary: In which Lu Han calls for body shots and Kai's guilty pleasure is licking Suho's slim waist.

Title: Room With A View
Rating: r
Pairing: Chanyeol/Tao
Genre: smut
Summary: In which Chanyeol realizes that rooming with Tao is a lot better than he thought it would be.

Title: Vegas, Baby (Con Te Partiro)
Rating: r
Pairing: SuKai
Genre: romance?
Summary: Accidentally getting married in Las Vegas is probably not something you should do as a k-pop star.

Title: Things That Matter
Rating: nc-17
Warning: dubcon, (off-screen) self-harm
Pairing: Lay/Lu Han (and a handful of side-pairings)
Genre: 72 Hours!au
Summary: Continuation of the 72 Hours!au in which Lu Han's number gets called with Yixing's after he had to watch Yixing go through a special task that almost broke him.
NOTE: locked to the community

Title: Meet The In-Laws
Rating: r
Pairing: SuKai
Genre: romance
Summary: On a rare weekend off, Suho visits his in-laws... em Kai's parents for the first time.

Title: Lay Me Down (And Tell Me Everything Will Be Alright)
Rating: pg-13 (more like pg-15 tbh)
Pairing: SuKai
Genre: fluff
Summary: SuKai cuddle during a thunderstorm. And get a little carried away.

Title: With the Noise of Falling Snow
Rating: pg
Warning: touching very slightly on the issue of shadeism
Pairing: Chanyeol/Kai
Genre: hurt/comfort
Summary: It starts with a cheerful snowball fight and ends with Jongin in a hospital. That's not what Chanyeol wanted and he's left with trying to find a way to fix things.

Title: (Not) Thinking About Pink Elephants
Rating: pg
Pairing: Chanyeol/Lay
Genre: romance, fluff
Summary: On a boring plane ride, Lu Han thinks it's fun to point out that Yixing's neck pillow is a giraffe. That, in his eyes, is like having Chanyeol wrapped around his neck.

Title: Ride Me Like a Devil, Love Me Like an Angel
Rating: nc-17
Warning: corny title, orgasm denial, rimming, toys, some spanking and not-so-slight D/s
Pairing: Kris/Baekhyun
Genre: smut, pwp
Summary: Summary? Uhm. Nothing but kinky pwp, tbh.

Title: Favouritism
Rating: nc-17
Warning: hesitant spanking?
Pairing: SuKai
Genre: smut
Summary: It was supposed to be a joke, when Suho throws Kai over his knee, to show him how immature his antics are. However, not only does Kai enjoy punishment, he craves it.

Title: Lu Han + bed = otp
Rating: pg (some swearing)
Pairing: Lu Han/Tao
Genre: humour, slice of life lol
Summary: In which everyone knows what happens when one tries to sit or lie on Lu Han's bed.

Title: Arms Like Yours
Rating: g
Pairing: platonic Taoris
Genre: hurt/comfort
Summary: In which Kris and Tao share sweet, platonic hugs.

Title: Got Da Beatz
Rating: r (for a mini sex scene)
Pairing: Chanyeol/Kyungsoo
Genre: humour/crack, mini-smut
Summary: In which Chanyeol beatboxes at inappropriate moments.

Title: Show Your Wounds, I'm Bored With Mine
Rating: pg-13
Warning: misunderstandings? a.k.a looks-like-homophobia-but-isn't
Pairing: SuKai
Genre: angst, romance, part of my unofficial Suho's-lower-body-appreciation-fic-series
Summary: Jongin hurts his ankle during dance practice. Joonmyun is always there for him (even when Jongin wants to be left alone). But a conversation goes horribly wrong and it feels like the end of their friendship. Maybe something else is at stake, too.

Title: Crushing, College Style (or: How To Fall For Kris, In Six Steps)
Rating: pg
Pairing: Kris/Kai
Genre: romance, college!au
Summary: Kai has a problem. He falls in love with a handsome, older student but whenever he is around him, he completely loses his ability to speak. His meddling friends aren't exactly helping, either.

Title: Mi Casa, Su Casa
Rating: r
Pairing: SuKai
Genre: Smut, part of my unofficial Suho's-lower-body-appreciation-fic-series
Summary: It just had to be during an official photoshoot that Jongin's obsession hits him with full force.

Title: Escapism (or: In Which Baekhyun Is Always In His Own World)
Rating: pg
Pairing: BaekYeol
Genre: romance, Baekhyun In His Own World
Summary: Escapism. n. The tendency to escape from daily reality or routine by indulging in daydreaming, fantasy, or entertainment.

Title: Girls, Dresses and Other Secrets
Rating: nc-17
Warning: girl!Lu Han, blurred gender lines, crossdressing
Pairing: het!Kai/Lu Han, Kris/Suho, Baekhyun/Tao
Genre: mild crack, smut
Summary: In which Lu Han is a girl, Baekhyun blurts out secrets, and Joonmyun would be unable to cope without Wu Fan.

Title: Strawberry Love
Rating: pg-13
Warning: some swearing, implied sex, mild case of substance abuse and ridiculous amounts of blushing boys
Pairing: SuKai, HunHan
Genre: romance
Summary: Kai works in a café and tries to ignore his clingy co-worker as best as he can. Also, he likes to drug his customers sometimes. But it's for the good of the people, he says.

Title: Nose Job
Rating: pg
Pairing: Tao/Lay (But not really. Only if you squint.)
Genre: humor, 560w
Summary: In which Yixing magically breaks the power of Zitao's stare and Sehun embarrasses him further.

Title: Under Your Skin
Rating: nc-17
Pairing: Tao/Lay
Genre: supernatural, pwsp (a.k.a porn with some plot)
Summary: Yixing has to get throat surgery and is admitted to hospital. However, he did not expect a nightly visitor.

Title: Snapshots
Rating: pg
Pairing: Myungsoo/camera Myungsoo/Hoya
Genre: slight angst turning fluffy
Summary: Written for the prompt "Hoya / L / Glasses" from this prompt generator

Title: Black Box
Rating: pg-13
Pairing: slight MyungDong, even more vague MyungYeol and DongYeol
Genre: angst, drama
Summary: Myungsoo is in Japan filming his drama. The saying goes "absence makes the heart grow fonder" but most of the time, missing someone just hurts.

Title: How To Stop Fighting
Rating: r (for dry humping)
Pairing: JongTae
Genre: lol, boys being boys?
Summary: Taemin is tired and stressed. Jonghyun is bored and jealous. They get into a fight, they make up. Things lead to stuff.

Title: Ten Days
Rating: g to r
Pairing: every SHINee pairing (except for ot3, 4 or 5)
Genre: romance, drama, friendship, crack, horror
Summary: Drunks, Lovers, Sinners and Saints (ten days drabble challenge)

Title: Hindsight Bias
Rating: nc-17
Warning: Does this classify as cum play?
Pairing: TaeKey
Genre: smut (basically pwp)
Summary: Key thinks it's all because he didn't lock the door.

Title: Tokyo Skylines
Rating: pg
Pairing: TaeKey
Genre: angst, fluff
Summary: Taemin remembers their debut in Japan.

Title: And We're Gonna Replay
Rating: pg
Pairing: JongTae (friendship)
Genre: hurt/comfort
Summary: How can he fix something if he doesn't know where it's broken?

Tags: !!!intro, !!!masterlist
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